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Inclusion process

  1. The interested collective (inclusion candidate) sends a request or is invited by network members. The foundation for the inclusion process is the agreement of the inclusion candidate to the core module of the network.
  2. In the network, a project team is formed that coordinates the inclusion process. If no volunteers are found for this or no one sees any perspective for a membership of the inclusion candidate, they are informed of the rejection and the reasons therefor. If the network lacks resources for the inclusion process, it can be postponed.
  3. The project team invites interested network members and the inclusion candidate to a video call. The call consists of three topics: 1. Presentation of the network, 2. Presentation of the inclusion candidate, 3. Informal exchange. Points 1. and 2. logged and published in the network.
  4. If the inclusion candidate is still interested and no reasoned objection has been raised in the network after two weeks, the inclusion candidate is asked to provide the following documents:
  5. Description of internal collaboration, decision making, task distribution, etc.
  6. List of all legal structures utilized by the collective
  7. Constitutions of legal structures, membership- and chairperson's lists including shares held if applicable
  8. Itemisation of outside capital
  9. Methodology for subcontracting

  10. The project team examines the provided documents and presents a conclusion and a commented version to the network. The network initiates the decision making process for this inclusion request. For the further procedure, refer to decision making. If the candidate does not fully satisfy the membership criteria, this does not necessarily require an abortion of the inclusion process. Instead, a roadmap for fulfilling the criteria can be agreed upon together.

  11. After a positive decision, a trial membership of six months begins. The inclusion candidate can from now on participate in all structures of the network and join modules other than the core module. They are only excluded from the decision making process. After the six months, a request for full membership can posed by all involved. If it is rejected, the whole inclusion process is considered failed. If failure is expected, the project team should convene a video call to clarify and resolve contradictions or conflicts. The inclusion process can also be aborted prematurely.